Behind the Designs - The Ashbury

Behind the Designs - The Ashbury

The Ashbury

You know the iconic San Francisco neighborhood, Haight-Ashbury, as the birthplace of the 60’s Counterculture. People flocked to its historic rainbow streets, dive bars, and hippie havens. 

Today, San Francisco welcomes the growing community of Pickleball. What better place for our one-of-a-kind sport to find a home? 

As colorful as its namesake, the Ashbury Paddle reminds us to be true to ourselves — and have a rockin’ time doing it! 

More courts, more problems? 

Overall, San Francisco has 11 locations dedicated to Pickleball, in addition to 40 multi-use courts. The problem? Pickleballers need more. 

Multi-use courts are only available during specific days of the week (usually weekdays), times of day, and require reservations. 

The folks at San Francisco Community Pickleball (SFCP) “want ALL San Franciscans, regardless of the neighborhood they live in, to have access to a nearby public "Pickleball venue with superior options for social and competitive play.

They’re currently heading a movement to create new courts in the Stern Grove neighborhood. You can learn more about their efforts and why creating space for Pickleball is so important HERE

Solutions and Compromise

Change is on the horizon! San Francisco's Park and Rec department is currently working with local players to ensure more court space. Yes! 

They’ve committed that “any time a tennis court is renovated, it will add pickleball lines.” In a city that welcomes people to come as they are and coexist, sharing these valuable spaces makes perfect sense. 

We love the ability to compromise between sport communities — the more we all play, the more we connect and learn from each other! 

Searching for a place to play Pickleball in San Francisco, check here