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About us

Hi! We're Nettie

We’re perfecting the art of play. Whether it’s your weekly pickleball game or a spontaneous Saturday at the park, Nettie is about bringing joy (and some healthy competition) to your community.

Why Pickleball?

Pickleball creates community around a court. It’s active, social, and brings people from all generations and walks of life together. It’s easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to love. Plus, pickleball can be played just about anywhere. Your court can be official or makeshift; at the tennis club or the empty lot down the street. Games can be slapdash or scheduled, but they’re always going to be fun. And that’s why we love it!


The Nettie Factor

Nettie brings pluck and personality to the fastest growing sport in America. Our paddles and gear showcase elevated design and superior quality, while still putting fun at the front and center. We started Nettie because we think pickleball is the most welcoming sport. As a team of self-proclaimed non-athletes, it brings us back to long summer days playing outside, when winning barely mattered and the only real question was “Can I play a little longer?” 

We’re here to grow and share that same sense of joy and community. Let's go!