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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Pickleball Dads

Enjoy this curated list of our favorite things to celebrate Dads who love pickleball -- or who may SOON love pickleball if they only had the right gear ;)

1. The Nettie Set - Pickleball Bundle (Limited edition Father's Day Set.) It has everything your dad needs for pickleballing -- two great paddles, two pickleballs, two Bjorn Bjorg-esque sweatbands, and a mug to tell you how much you love him. 

2. Polarized Sunglasses from Knockaround to protect his eyes while hitting the pickleball court.

3. Sunscreen-Moisturizer-Aftershave combo from Modern Ritual so he can wear sunscreen without a cakey residue left in his beard. 

4. Lasso compression socks so his feet are nice and comfy while playing pickleball or mowing the lawn. His favorite things. 

5. Yeti Cooler in Alpine Yellow. Get him the boldest and most fun cooler he's ever had -- and the colors will match his new pickleball set! Yeti + Nettie! 

6. A gift certificate of time spent together to play pickleball -- because that's all he really wants.