3 Ways Pickleball is Really Good For You

3 Ways Pickleball is Really Good For You

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In January of 2021, The Economist named Pickleball "the fastest-growing sport in America." And for good reason!

Not only is the game social and fun, but Pickleball has been shown to have significant positive effects on physical health and quality of life for those who play.


Weekly exercise with a game like pickleball is shown to improve metabolic health, decrease imflammation, and decrease risk of heart disease. Whether you play competitively or socially, a little movement can go a long way.


Playing pickleball weekly can even help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply, according to experts that study the impact of physical activity on health. What's better than waking up feeling more energetic and refreshed?! 


The game of pickleball is one of agility and finesse, and playing regularly can improve your overall balance. So why does this matter? Better balance can help with core strength, hand-eye coordination and reduces the chance of injury with other physical activities.

Whether its your first game or your fiftieth, we believe that pickleball is good for the body and soul!