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Did you know: all of Nettie’s Classic Paddles represent a unique pickleball community? Each one carries its own unique, colorful, nostalgic personality.

Today we're featuring....The Bedford!

Fun fact #1: Named after the street (Bedford) and neighborhood (Bed-Stuy) in Brooklyn, NY where Nettie’s founder discovered her love for the game.

Fun fact #2: The design is inspired by New York’s subway maps — can you see it?

Fun fact #3: Bedford's bright lines evoke the connections between players and their court communities, nestled away in the heart of NYC.

Pickleball is building momentum in the big apple (& so is the drama)

"They're the lantern flies of the sports world"

The latest in New York Pickleball is a heating rivalry between scrappy players and their fellow park-goers. Players without courts nearby, often resort to bringing portable nets and tape to basketball courts, parks, empty lots, anywhere you could land a dink.

Drama ensues when neighbors don’t quite understand the passion. In a New York Post article, angry parents went so far as to compare the pickleballers with NY's infestation of Lantern Files.

What's the solution? We believe that more courts, education and open play = less bugging out + more falling in love with Pickleball.

Here are some people, places and communities we're loving right now

@westvillagepickleballAn online community for locating fellow players, open courts, and even tournaments!

@nyc_pickleballAn amazing resource for new players and old pros. Find courts, lessons, and apparel!

@WilliamsburgPickleballOpen-play pickleball league in the heart of Brooklyn. Game announcements in real time!

@Lydia.PickleballOne of our favorite USA Pickleball ambassadors. "Think Humans of New York, but for Pickleball." 

CityPickle - New York’s first indoor Pickleball Community. A home for pickleballers to play, no matter the weather.

@Lydia.Pickleball at the courts in NYC